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    Mould Design Optical Design Mold flow analysis Thermal simulation Vibration simulation

    Mould Design

    Working with our clients from concept to completion

    Full-service mold design and engineering-our team of experienced designers and engineers can provide you with projects of all sizes. We have the expertise and the latest engineering technology to make high-quality molds for a variety of industrial products, including aftermarket parts and components. If you have CAD files or part drawings to view, please forward them to us. We will give you feedback on areas of improvement or potential quality issues.

    We can receive data files in multiple formats, including: Unigraphics, Cadkey (Cadkey98 currently running-including Fastsurf), IGES, STEP, Parasolid (compatible with UG mentioned above), DXF, DWG, CATIA V4 (.exp) , CATIA V5 (.model) format. We can create complete 3D models of the parts you want, or we can convert your 2D drawings into 3D solid CAD models.

    From design to completion, our design engineers will assist you through every step.

    ·Project feasibility - feedback in all areas
    ·Design feasibility - Provide input throughout the part design process
    ·Project management - participate in design and manufacturing at all levels
    ·Customer Standards - Beyond Customer Internal Standard
    ·Trial - Participation by project managers and other technical support staff as required

    R & D Center
    Participate in supporting the customer's product design and feasibility analysis in the early stage, participate in the mold structure review in the mid-term, and provide technical support for the customer in production and maintenance in the later stage, and become a communication link between the customer and the headquarters.
    Early analysis team
    Participate in early stage to support customer's product design, and conduct feasibility analysis of product and mold structure, remove problem points in early stage, save time and cost and improve quality for mold design and processing
    Mold Flow Team
    According to the customer's 3D product data and mold structure data in the early stage, simulation of product production molding process parameters is conducted to guide product structure and mold structure design, and provide practical and feasible injection molding parameters for mold production.
    2D Design Team
    Provide clear and high-quality 2D processing drawings for on-site processing, quantifiable scheduling and inspection of component structure size tolerance drawings for quality and process, and ultimately provide customers with detailed and complete mold transfer data.
    3D Design Team
    Based on the 3D product data provided by the customer, with the goal of high quality, low cost, excellent technology, and strong structure, the mold structure data is improved in accordance with the customer's various standards.

    Contact us

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